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Rental Application

A&E Invest Group


It is within our duty to process and complete applicant evaluations within 2-4 business days upon receipt of a fully complete application.


Requirements for applying are:

  • $40.00 credit and background check fee for every person 18 years and over who will be living in the property. All application fees will be made through our online portal.

  • 2 months proof of income

    1. In order to qualify, your total gross household income per month must be at least 2.5 times the rent amount per month

  • Credit score of 625 or better

  • Copies of an Identification card, driver license and social security card are required

  • No evictions or bankruptcies 

  • Completed rental application

What is included in the application but are not limited to are:


  1. A government issued driver license, photo ID, or passport

  2. Proof of Income (Can include one or more of the following)

    1. 3 most recent paystubs

    2. 3 months of bank statements

    3. 2 most recent years of tax returns

  3. A history and verification of your prior rent locations

  4. A signed letter for proof of employment and work history

Any applicant who is over the age of 18 must submit a rental application along with the documents noted above. There is a non-refundable $40-dollar application fee for each applicant.


Co-signers are also responsible for submitting a complete application, make 3 times the rent, and have good credit along with the $40 dollar application fee.  

All of the required documents can be uploaded and attached to your application and emailed to  or be sent through our online portal.

***All applications that are incomplete will not be processed***