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Internet-Based Marketing

At A&E Invest Group, we have the most advanced and integrated internet marketing platform. From our web-based tools to our systematically automated applications, we can efficiently produce an offering memorandum in a high-quality professional format. Also, we have another system that automates e-presentations and executive summaries that can be given to prospective buyers as soon as a property is listed.

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Direct Marketing

Once a property is in our hands and ready to be listed and marketed, our current database system will match potential buyers on a local and national level.  Straight offering memorandums and advertising materials are engaged to present the investment opportunity.  Our agents and brokers will use their personal database and immediately contact qualified buyers via e-mail or telephone.  After qualified investors show interest in the investment property,  a direct marketing campaign is initiated.



A&E Invest Group actively advertises in national, regional and local publications to create the most effective exposure for exclusively listed properties. We strive to achieve your goals in getting you the most money we can for your investment property.


Internal Communication

A&E Invest Group is able to promote properties to the largest pool of qualified investors by leveraging our office sales team. The A&E Invest Group office conducts weekly sales meetings where investment properties are presented and discussed with the entire team. In addition, sales property presentations and conference calls are conducted regularly.